Green Future
Make the world cleaner and greener by transforming waste management.
About the project
Green Future entrusted us to overhaul their entire digital ecosystem. First order of business were their website and content management systems. With thousands of new and refurbished products available, it's crucial that accurate information is always at hand and can be shared in clear, attractive quotes. We opted for a modular approach, allowing for gradual scaling and easy allocation of sections to pages and products.
No time to waste
With a full rename and rebrand as our starting point, we've maintained momentum by laying the groundwork for SEA and social strategies. From job postings to new inquiries, all of Green Future's content will soon garner more attention and engagement. Consequently, we anticipate that this page will see significant expansion in the near future.
“With all the plans and opportuniteit we have, I'm happy we're taking it one step at a time.”
Gijs Fokke, CEO